All You Want to Known About the Lake District, Cumbria, Brampton and Maryport

All You Want to Known About the Lake District

A region of lakes, waters and mountains found in North West of England. The area consists of a number of lakes, innumerable mountain tarns and streams, and a range of mountains rising to a height of over 900 metres in four points.

The Lake District became famous after a group of British poets made it their home at the beginning of the 19th century. The most famous of these poets are William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey. These poets were described by critics as the Lake School of poetry and from then on they were referred to as the Lake Poets.

The Lake District extends 50km from north to south and 40km from east to west. Lowlands occupy the northern, southern and eastern borders of the county, with agriculture being very important, in particular sheep raising and dairying.

The county Cumbria was formed in 1974 when the former counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, and parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire were merged together. The city of Carlisle is the administrative and commercial centre of Cumbria and it is situated on the Eden River. The city was formed in 1974 and it includes the previous county borough of Carlisle, as well as the rural area bordering Scotland. The city is an important transportation centre, as well as the manufacturing hub of the county.

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